The James and Walter Cribben

Center for Veterans Affairs

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14 - Studio Apartments

2 - Two Bedroom Shared Suites

Library - Computer Room

Fitness Room

TV / Family Room

Dining Room - Kitchen

On-Site Counselor

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A Non-Profit 501(c)3 Corporation

The James and Walter Cribben 

Center for Veterans Affairs

The primary purpose of this web-site is to act as a fund-raising platform for the development of the James and Walter Cribben Center for Veterans Affairs. The Center's vision will require that it comply with numerous requirements, legal and logistical, some of which are beyond the expertise of the founder of the Center. A certain amount of professional legal help will be required. This fund raising effort is the first step in a long process towards meeting those requirements set forth by the Veterans Administration which result in our eligibility for and favorable outcome of Federal Grant and Per Diem allowances that are a required part of the ultimate success of the Center. 

With every donation, our vision of supporting our Veterans is one step closer to reality. We will never use more than 20% of the donations received towards legal or logistical fees and expenses even if it results in any delay. This will insure that no matter the outcome of this effort, no less than 80% of your donation will go directly towards our stated goal of assisting homeless Veterans with PTS. The use of 20% of the donation to fund the success of the Center's development is a necessary step towards making it's vision a reality. As a general practice and a requirement of 501(c)(3) compliance, our financial records will be available to the public during normal business hours and within a reasonable time frame.

We look forward to your support. Together, we can help end Veteran homelessness and give those with PTS the honor they deserve.



Summer, 2019

​Some very good news coming out of the DPAA, the agency responsible for recovery and identification of our loved ones who served and paid the ultimate sacrifice.

The Punchbowl Memorial in Hawaii, where more than 800 unidentified remains from the Korean War have laid, waiting to be reunited with their families, has begun the process  to disinter every single set of Unknown remains and perform more advanced DNA and scientific techniques in an effort to keep that promise to leave no man behind. We are grateful to those in the positions of power that enabled these new efforts. 

​From the Office:

We are a public benefit 501(c)3 non-profit corporation. Your public, private and corporate donations are tax deductible under IRC Section 170.

If you are thinking of making a donation, please check with your employer regarding matched donation programs!


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