U.S. Marines enjoying a little R & R

JWCCVA Inaugural Golf Tournament


Castle Creek CC- Escondido, Ca

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July 22nd 2018                    Jimmy's House 2nd Annual Fishing Tournament Fundraiser

San Diego, Ca.                     

Tournament Winners!

Doug White

Mike Merryfield

Mort Hayden

Kimm Byers

Thank you to our Sponsors!

2018 Championship Team

May 20th 2018                   Jimmy's House 2nd Annual Golf Tournament Fundraiser

Escondido, Ca.                   



Congratulations to our winning foursome comprised of Active Duty service members!

A special THANK YOU to our sponsors that provided entry fees for 16 Marines, Sailors, Soldiers and Airmen.

April 23rd, 2017              First Annual Golf Tournament - Fundraiser

Escondido, Ca.

May 3rd 2017                   Del Mar Electronics Show

Del Mar, Ca.                     Awareness Booth

November 4th 2017          Breeder's Cup After-Party

Del Mar, Ca.                     Awareness Booth

April 27th 2019                   Jimmy's House 3rd Annual Golf Tournament Fundraiser

Escondido, Ca.                   



Tournament Winners!

Congratulations to our active duty Marines!

More than 100 Articles of Clothing Donated to Veterans Village!



      September 21st 2017        First Annual Fishing Tournament Fundraiser

      San Diego, Ca.




Gunnery Sergeant, James Kenelos

Master Sergeant, Michael Joe

Sergeant Major, Phil Facetti

Sergeant, Tyler Gallegher

2019 Championship Team

May 20th 2017                 May Ride - Biggs Harley-Davidson

San Marcos, Ca.              Awareness Booth

December 29th, 2016        Swooptronics Golf Tournament Clothing Drive

Coronado, Ca.      


Summer, 2019

​Some very good news coming out of the DPAA, the agency responsible for recovery and identification of our loved ones who served and paid the ultimate sacrifice.

The Punchbowl Memorial in Hawaii, where more than 800 unidentified remains from the Korean War have laid, waiting to be reunited with their families, has begun the process  to disinter every single set of Unknown remains and perform more advanced DNA and scientific techniques in an effort to keep that promise to leave no man behind. We are grateful to those in the positions of power that enabled these new efforts. 

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August 16th 2019                 Jimmy's House 3rd Annual Fishing Tournament Fundraiser

San Diego, Ca.                     


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